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The Features of a Jura Impressa

Is a Jura Impressa machine right for you?  
Chances are, if you are reading this article, you have been asking yourself this question a lot recently.  Below are some features of the Jura Impressa series to keep in mind:
  1. Jura automatic Coffee Centers make the freshest, most aromatic coffee, espresso, cappuccino, and latte completely automatically. It’s like having a coffee Barista of your very own!
  2. Each cup of coffee is made on demand. All you have to do is press a button.
  3. Coffee is ground for each cup just before brewing, preserving more aroma than any other brewing system. The coffee can’t be fresher.
  4. Pressure brewing forces hot water through the grounds extracting flavor and aroma in less than 30 seconds, leaving behind all bitter chemicals which are normally extracted during a longer brewing methods. This is the finest tasting brew.
  5. All Jura automatic coffee centers have an extra-large brewing chamber, which allows you to brew up to 16 oz. of coffee at a time. The choice is all yours: One or two espressos, one or two double shots, two double shots, a 12 oz. mug or any other combination of up to 16 oz. of coffee at a time.
  6. A high-wattage espresso heating block delivers an unlimited amount of steam for frothing and steaming milk for cappuccinos and lattes.  Frothing milk was never this easy!
  7. A hot water dispenser is ideal to prepare a large cup of tea in seconds.
  8. All Jura Impressa automatic coffee centers can be operated in stand-by mode all day long, ready to make a cup of coffee in seconds.  In addition, enjoy a 90-second cappuccino, anytime you want it!
  9. Automatic monitoring systems for cleaning make Jura Impressa automatic coffee centers the most convenient and user friendly coffee equipment.
  10. Made in Switzerland: All Jura automatic coffee centers are made of the highest quality materials. The built-in commercial conical steel burr grinder is manually calibrated during assembly to ensure highest precision grinding.
  11. All Jura machines take full advantage of JL Hufford's exclusive Superautomatika Blend coffee, the best premium blend designed to take full advantage of super automatic coffee centers.

The Capresso/Jura connection.

Jura AG, founded in 1931 in Switzerland and Capresso Inc., founded 1994 in the USA, have joined forces to bring you the finest Automatic Coffee Centers. With innovative and user friendly features such as interchangeable frother systems, easy to read multi-language LED displays, elegant coffee brewing illumination, and instructive video tapes or DVDs mean that all IMPRESSA models offer a level of sophistication and high-end design not found anywhere else today