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Durgol Express Universal Descaler

Durgol Express Universal Descaler

  • The multipurpose cleaner for countless household items, this will be one of the last cleaners you’ll ever need
  • Very powerful and very effective removal of limescale build-up
  • Safe for use around food, leaves no residue
  • 100% Recyclable plastic bottles
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Durgol Express Universal Descaler

The Durgol Express Universal Descaler is the multi-purpose cleaner for household items. As the name suggests, the decalcifier's range is pretty universal, from coffee makers to faucets and much more. Powerful and effective, the Express will rid your belongings of limescale and mineral and calcium deposits which build from heated water, hard water, and/or standing water. This formula, developed in '68 and constantly improved to this day, works 5-10 times faster than competing brands. The product is simple, safe, and easy to use - no dissolving, ready as is. Along with coffee makers and faucets, try the Express on ceramic tiles, steam irons, kettles, shower heads, pots and pans, and humidifiers. Environmentally safe, biodegradable, and recyclable PET bottles. One 16.9 Oz bottle. Item number 0296.

Why Should I Use Durgol Descaler for My Coffee Maker or Other Appliance?

Limescale buildup destroys coffee makers because it is essentially rock that coats the inner surfaces of equipment. Most coffee makers have a very small boiler in which to heat water. As limescale builds up, coffee takes longer to brew and brews at a cooler temperature, diminishing the quality of your coffee. Once that boiler becomes entirely clogged with scale, it cannot be descaled and must instead be repaired.
Tea kettles, whether electric or stovetop, can be damaged by limescale that corrodes the inner surfaces. Keep them looking brand new with Durgol Express Universal Descaler.

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